Straight Body Pillows / Dakimakura

Straight Body Pillows / Dakimakura are a type of body pillow that can be found in Straight Flags. They are made with soft, 100% polyester fabric and filled with 80/20 down. This material combines the benefits of down and synthetic materials, giving your body a soft cuddling experience without compromising on quality or comfort! Straight Decoration is a company that sells traditional Japanese items such as folding screens, flowers, and other decorative items. They offer a wide variety of products to decorate your home, office, or car. One of their most popular items is the Straight Body Pillow / Dakimakura (pronounced dah-kyum-uh-ruh). It’s basically a body pillow that has images printed on it. There are many types of dakimakura you can purchase from Straight Decoration for almost any taste or personality!

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