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A straight flag or heterosexual flag is a pride flag intended to represent heterosexuality. Some them represent straight pride, a conservative counter movement to gay pride. Others represent allyship by straight people with the LGBT community. No official heterosexual exists, but many have been proposed for use. A flag composed of alternating black and white strips, with a design similar to the rainbow LGBT pride flag, was created to represent the straight pride countermovement to gay pride. Several variations of this flag exist. One uses white, grey and black colors, also mimicking the rainbow flag and originating in the early 2000s. Another variation with the male and female gender symbols imposed over its field also exists. There is a variation known as the straight ally flag, which represents heterosexual people who support the LGBT community. It combines the black and white heterosexual with the rainbow LGBT flag. The rainbow portion of the flag sometimes takes the form of an “A”, representing the word “allies”, or an inverted vee. It originated in the late 2000s, but its exact origin is unknown.

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About Straight Flag

A straight flag or heterosexual flag is a pride flag intended to represent heterosexuality. Some they represent straight pride, a conservative counter movement to gay pride. Others represent allyship by straight people with the LGBT community.